A Borrowed Book Eliminated My Sciatic Pain

A Borrowed Book Eliminated My Sciatic Pain

This book was the corny analogy of the gold at the end of a rainbow. Not the ONLY thing that helped but one very important part of the protocol I developed for myself. Posture, exercises in the following book, supplements and an anti-inflammatory diet (which is surprisingly easy!). When I heard about the therapist that published this wonderful book I didn’t even know he had this little book to help desperate people like me at first. It took me some time to find this little gem while researching him and his methods. His name was Robin McKenzie. A physiotherapist (which in the US we call physical therapist) from New Zealand. His book is called “Treat Your Own Back”. But at first, since so many things didn’t work I refused to pay for the book vowing not to spend another penny more on this affliction of mine, sciatica nerve pain. Even if it’s taken my whole life away from me!

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Fed Up Buying Sciatica Relief and Treatment Items: So This is What I Did

Where did my vow to not spend a penny more on sciatic nerve pain take me? To the library, naturally. In fact, I was so adamant, and in pain, of course, I didn’t even want to go there. I went to my county’s library website online to search for the book and they happen to have an older version of the book. I did wonder if it would be the same thing, but on I went and ordered the book to be transferred to my local library. Boy did I pray that they’d be quick about it. To my surprise it was there in a few days. My dear husband was kind enough to get it for me.

At this point I couldn’t drive anyway! I admit I read the first pages, went back and forth, saw the pictures and just tried to get right in with the program. Please don’t do what I did, just try to read the whole book. It’s a very thin, quick read. But I would understand if you do what I did. I would absolutely understand!

I was surprised, and delighted at the same time, that the book was kind of a booklet. Thin, easy to read, with many pictures.

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I Couldn’t Do the Exercises The Book Said I Had to Do (At First!)

When I was reading the information there were some “exercises” that quite didn’t look right to me, let me explain. Laying on the floor the way they demonstrate it in the book seemed so simple to me. I thought no way this will help, I can do that all day! So down I went to the floor in my very careful and delicate way, making sure my husband was near by to get me up in case I couldn’t make it off the floor on my own. Guess what? I couldn’t do it! It looked simple, looked like it didn’t cause any pain but I was unable to do it. On I went with the spirit of not giving up. There were alternatives thankfully to the same exercise for people that are in severe pain. That was me. Yes, I told you so.

The Book that helped me finally reduce my sciatica

Slowly But Surely I Got Better Using the Books Pictures Alone At Times

Pictures, we love them don’t we? Looking at the photos at first seemed quite simple to me, I really did doubt this would ever help me. But day by day I tried the first level of exercise along with other exercises shown in this book. I could not believe that I was feeling better, I felt like a fantasy or a dream. It took me about three weeks to really see a significant improvement. Mind you I’ve been like this close to two years and the last nine months of those two years being the worst of my life. The kind of pain that I could only describe as the death of part of my body. I remember even telling my husband I’ve had it just take me to some institution drop me off and leave me there to die. Yes it got that bad. Little I knew all this wasted time with belts, potions, lotions, TENS units, hot pads, cold pad etc. etc. it was as simple as reading a booklet written by a genius Robin McKenzie.

These link are NOT affiliate links at this time. I do NOT make any money from the book. The book is super cheap, not a huge investment if you want to buy it.

This is my honest to goodness review of the Robin McKenzie “Treat Your Own Back” Book. It was great!

Link for the book on Amazon

Or better yet do like I did and try your local library or EBay.

In my next article I will talk about the anti-inflammatory diet that changed everything!

2 thoughts on “A Borrowed Book Eliminated My Sciatic Pain

  1. Hi. I would like to know how you are? I also have sciatica. 5 lower back bulges. 4 very difficult months I am 51 years old. I would love to receive guidance from you.

    1. Ever since I have done the exercises in the box I have not gotten as severe as I once was. Every time I feel a suspicious pain that may SEEM like sciatica I immediately without delay start my “therapy” using the book I found at my local library. See my blog about the book. Thank you! and I hope you find relief very soon.

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