Does sciatica pain come back? How I keep it at bay.

Alternative Medicine for Sciatica

When I first started to get better from sciatica I thought it was a dream. Maybe something temporary or I thought: is it a mental thing? I just wanted it gone so bad maybe it wasn’t real? Was I just feeling better at the moment but I would soon get as bad as I always was before? Crazy thoughts ran through my mind.

But getting better from sciatica, I do have to say it’s not something you recover from so quickly. What was I expecting anyway? There…sane rational came back to me. All these feelings I presume must stem from years and years of pain and suffering which I know better are not going to resolve themselves in a few days or even a few weeks.

I was so serious about getting rid of this torment of mine that I would trade anything in the world to make it go away and I did just that I wasted a lot of money and time that did not work for me that perhaps work for others but just not for me.

Recovery from sciatica is SLOW

When I finally started to get gradually better and I mean very gradually better I did think a lot about what the difference was from before and at the moment and I would fix percentages in my mind saying “OK I feel 10% better, 20% better…”. I was seriously starting to think it was a mental thing talking to myself saying am I really getting better or is it that I want it so bad that I’m feeling better? But I pushed through it and I started to really believe that I was getting better but since I was in such bad pain that I was being extremely negative with myself thinking this can’t be true and there’s no way this is going to last.

Being careful and slow as you get better from sciatica

There is some truth to it though as weeks passed and I recovered little by little I did notice I had to be very careful with the things I did I can’t just twist my back and grab something from the backseat floor or just pick up my daughter in one sweep or even bend down to take dishes out of the dishwasher, everything had to be very measured very carefully thought out.

Anti-inflammatories and other Pain Medications when recovering from Sciatic nerve pain

conventional medicine

As I slowly recovered I couldn’t just let go of my best friend ibuprofen and muscle relaxers, I was actually afraid to let go of those things because I just didn’t want to feel anything extra than I was feeling at the moment.
I did research many things that could help with inflammation which is one thing I really do think leads to sciatic nerve pain, good ol’ inflammation.

I delved into natural medicines, I did do a lot of research and I found that turmeric is one of the best anti-inflammatories there is. It’s just an herb that has properties to lower inflammation. I also read in my research that in order for it to work properly as an anti-inflammatory in the most effective way you would have to use it with black pepper, so I found many on the market but I always trust Swanson brands.

We are not sponsored by them or anything but I always thought they had the best prices and pretty quick shipping, in fact, I would always go to eBay and buy one bottle at a time when I didn’t feel like making a huge order, they usually have free shipping there.

As you know from my other articles I left all pain medications cold turkey something I do not suggest at all!! Please see your doctors for instructions on leaving pain medications even over-the-counter pain medications that you’ve been taking regularly.

turmeric black pepper
Turmeric and black pepper

Does CBD oil work for Sciatica or Lower Back Pain down the leg?

The last chiropractor I went to was a very nice gentleman and asked me if I was taking CBD oil. I actually chuckled a little bit and said no way! He looked at me seriously and he said that is something that you can use for pain especially the type of pain that you have but you do have to find a reputable place to make sure what you’re getting is the real deal.

I went home that day and thought it through and I’m not the type to take drugs without knowing fully what I’m getting into never in my life have I ever taken illegal drugs or even smoked so I prayed about it and thought about it and I decided to go for it and I bought it from a pharmacist that he recommended, a legitimate pharmacist.

When I went to buy the CBD oil it was $100 for a small dropper bottle. At the time I didn’t feel like laying down so much money for this so I opted for the salve which was $25 at the time.

That did not work at all! I decided to go to the following week and buy the actual dropper bottle and let them have my $100. I did notice after a week with combination of turmeric and black pepper and the CBD oil I started to see some changes that I really was impressed with.

CBD Oil Salve

When sciatic leg pain started going away

After a few weeks taking the turmeric and CBD oil and doing my exercises, I did start to feel some improvement. Everytime I would feel some kind of twinge I would get down on the floor and start doing my exercises again and take some extra turmeric and CBD oil and I would get better right after.

I just said in the beginning of the article I didn’t think it would last and that it was just a dream that will be over within no time but it wasn’t like that at all, as long as I was careful and I would do my exercises.  Any small minuscule twinge I would immediately take action, I think that is the point of this whole article take care of it as soon as you feel any discomfort even if it’s the smallest pain or discomfort you must take time out to do your regimen. I have not let it get bad, not even once, because every time I feel something I start doing my exercises I start taking my turmeric and I start taking my CBD oil as well.

So the key is maintenance pure and simple maintenance this is something that may come back only if you let it just think back on how much pain you were in you must take care of yourself.

In the past for many many years I didn’t know how to take care of my problem. I didn’t even think it was a problem that I was able to take care of myself but now that I found a way to take care of my lower back pain and sciatic nerve leg pain it has become my regular maintenance and regimen to do my exercises and to take my turmeric and CBD oil, no matter where I am, who I’m visiting, even on vacation. TAKE. TIME. OUT.

Who knows, maybe I’m wrong, but so far this is what has worked for me I have now the experience (the horrible experience of pain and suffering) from this issue and now that I have found a way to take care of it I’m using these tools to avoid getting back there again, in fact, I do have to say that even my back pain is better than it ever was.

Don’t let “life” get in the way of LIFE WITHOUT SCIATIC PAIN

As a recap my friends look into natural ways to take care of this issue, I have gone through back surgeries, chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, spine specialist, etc. etc. and none of these doctors gave me or did anything at all to help me.

If you find a way to get better always keep that in mind and continue to do it, nobody wants to relapse especially someone that has suffered for so many years, don’t let your life get in the way of life without pain.

Take care of yourselves!

Dont Give Up

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    1. Hi Lisa! Yes, you are very right, this particular one was recommended by my Dr and only legit pharmacies are allowed to sell it. I reached out to the company for you today and they provided me with a direct link to a pharmacy online. Always check with your Dr before taking anything. Safety first! Hope it helps you! Thanks for reading Sandy.

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