Sciatic Pain: 1 Thing I Did That Jumpstarted My Recovery

One Thing

Posture… it’s a simple thing but this simple thing is what helped me start feeling better. I never realized it but every time I sat at my computer desk I’d be leaning forward. After someone took a photo of me I noticed I was slightly bent at the hip while walking and standing as well. I would walk around sort of forward-looking.

Don’t get me wrong posture was not the only thing that got me better. It’s a combination of things but this was the FIRST big step and I felt a reduction of about 20 to 30% just doing this one thing, correcting my posture, almost immediately. Every time I would think about it I would straighten up and correct my posture. No need for fancy braces or my mom to tell me to straighten up LOL

How I Walked Made My Sciatica Worst

If you’re into angles, I was at a 70 to 80° angle while walking. I never even notice that until, as I said before, someone took a photo of me and it just looked so wrong.

Before even noticing my posture in the picture I did have a chiropractor noticed the way I would walk around. He looked puzzled and said, “do you not notice that the way you’re walking is not upright?” I said no and brushed it off at that time.

But after seeing the picture and remembering what my chiropractor said to me, and not to mention reading about and researching it I decided to make a big change.


Bad Standing Posture
Bad standing posture
Good standing posture
A better standing posture for me

Just Changing 1 Thing Made a Difference

When I started being mindful about the way I was walking and about the way that I was sitting at my computer desk and driving I did feel a small but significant change.

Remember guys, up to this point nothing I would do would even touch the severe pain that I had going down my leg. Up to this point, not any doctor or any medication or any therapy did anything to me.

Exaggerated Posture Over Correction

Let me be clear with you, the type of posture correction I did is not the type you read about necessarily. I’m talking about an exaggerated posture correction. I’ll go into why this is with my next article.
I was so far from where I had to be that walking around like I own the place was the only way to get there fast. Let me be MORE clear: this was my ide and although most of my ideas aren’t that great, this one was a keeper. By exaggerating my posture as I sat in the car, or at my computer desk, on the couch watching a movie and walking around.

I tried to be mindful of my posture at all times, I don’t remember how long it took to start feeling the effects of my experiment but it was pretty fast, days or maybe a few weeks tops. Just remember it worked for me at that time, it might take longer or even less time for you to feel some changes going on. When I say changes I mean in pain, the pain for me decreased perhaps 20-30%. For me that little bit of change was sent from heaven, any change coming form NO change at all in months was good.

Posture Over correction For Improvement
Posture Over correction For Improvement

Sciatica Pain Leg Weakness and Muscle Loss

At this point, I was in a horrible state. My right leg from not being used as much as my left leg was suffering greatly. My muscle mass was dwindling and you can visually see and feel the weakness in my leg. It was thinner, flabby, it even looked yellowish to me. This “bad” leg has been babied, massaged, pulled, stretched so many times.

This change I started to feel when I corrected my posture was a tearful and long-awaited positive change in my health.

I don’t know what would have happened if this went on any longer but with this one small change, I had hope. Although inside I knew not to get too excited as I would get with other things I did to get rid of this horrid part of my life. Going to a new specialist or a new Therapy place. But this was different, it wasn’t just a feeling in my heart it was a physical change to the pain going down my leg. Not all but some.

Example of bad posture for me
Example of bad posture for me
Sitting posture that helps me
Sitting posture that helps me

Sciatic Pain Reduction FINALLY!

After countless YouTube videos, internet articles, books and doctors and a refusal to buy or pay for anything else I bumped into a video about a therapist in Australia and how he was able to cure so many people of sciatic pain. Desperate, but still standing by my refusal to pay for anything I quickly looked into any information about this therapist and low and behold he had a book but that meant paying for something else that probably won’t work. (I was in a low place.) I decided to look around in my local library online and found his book! But it was an older version, but so what. I ordered the book and after about a week I had it in my hands. The story of how he came about this therapy was amazing.

The people that he actually took care of via this book were not many online that I can find except in his book so I wasn’t too positive that it would help. But I did find this man ONE man that was adamant on how extremely simple the therapy is and how people have wasted so much money looking for a cure for this and it’s just in a little think booklet. In the video he went on tell us how it helped him, let me tell you this guy felt the way I did and he showed it, I don’t cuss but this guy was so MAD about how easy it was that he would insert a cuss word with every other word. But you know he made his point and I was able to get through the video and got the gist of it.

I’m going to write about this borrowed book next!

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