Sciatica Pain During Your Period

Sciatica Pain

First I wasn’t even sure what the pain going down my leg was, I had actually forgotten what that pain was like until I really because it’s been gone for so long now.

But one night the pain was so bad I couldn’t even sleep, and then it hit me, I cannot believe I have sciatica again. I went ahead and took my four ibuprofens and went to bed and fell asleep thinking that was that, but I was wrong. The next day I had the pain again at night. It seemed to be that every time that I would walk around too much at night, my leg would throb, and it wasn’t even the same leg from last time. Of course, we all know that sciatic nerve can take either side it feels like, at any point in time.
But then eventually it went away just like the first time I did my exercises that I’ve posted here on my blog many times, and, so far, it has always gone away with that.

But here’s a shocker the next month it came back again around the same time of the month, then I realized that premenstrual syndrome was triggering sciatic nerve pain along with a three-day migraine.

I happen to have a gynecological yearly exam due pretty soon, so I decided to bring it up to my doctor, she had everything to say about migraines but actually nothing to say about sciatic nerve pain which was actually worse than my migraine at this point. I asked her well what about my sciatic nerve pain, and she had nothing to say, just a prescription to the pharmacy for my migraines. That’s nothing new, after two years seeking an answer for my sciatic nerve pain I was already prepared for a no answer type of conversation regarding the sciatic nerve pain down my leg.

Now that I feel like this is going to be the norm for me every month, I prepare myself with ibuprofen and some of my exercises. Sometimes I do forget it’s coming, and it just gets me off guard, but either way now that I’m armed with what I could do to take care of it, it’s either exercises or anti-inflammatories. The good thing is my sciatic nerve pain is not as bad as it used to be. I remember back when I couldn’t even walk. I would have to crawl to the bathroom crawl to the kitchen, I can’t even believe I survived that for so long.

So I’m just happy that it comes only once a month now and not for a full two years like I suffered before.
Please see my other blogs on how I got rid of my two year long battle with sciatic nerve pain. Stay healthy!

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